Por: Teacher Gabi

Bilingualism is an asset, not a liability.

The linguistic diversity around the world means that the majority of the world population speaks two or more languages. 

The ability to communicate successfully is essential to our global engagement.

Learning new languages changes how people see, hear, and think about the world. Speakers of different languagesdiffer in their patterns of eye movements differ in their patterns of eye movements when looking at visual scenes andaccess information differently depending on the language spoken at any given time.

Research on bilingualism shows that decision making, memory retrieval, and self-expression vary across languages.Cognitive reserve refers to the efficient utilization of brain networks to enhance brain function. If the brain is an engine, bilingualism may help to improve its mileage, allowing it to go further on the same amount of fuel.In children, bilingualism is associated with better performance on some perceptual and classification tasks, as well as increased cognitive flexibility and meta-cognitive skills.

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